Fiat Group absorbed Chrysler Group at the end of 2013 becoming a global player at the same level of Toyota or Volkswagen. If we go back in the history, 10 years ago Fiat Group  strongly relied on the Italian market. If Fiat Group had taken different strategic decisions, today we could have considered it a thing of the past!

For most of the Italian companies, the destiny is clear: it is impossible to survive just considering only the local market.

Selling outside Italy is not easy and starting now,  after a period of low turnovers and incomes, it will be more difficult.

We strongly recommend you not approach the foreign market alone. Those who work in team and have special network can offer more choices and larger capacity in production; they are the winners as well.

Networks and teams are synonyms for:

  • Cost sharing
  • Risk sharing
  • Wider choice

To approach the foreign markets you do not need to be big: you can have your own features, but you cannot afford to face foreign markets alone. So, the key words for internationalization are:

  • Team working
  • Consortium
  • Networking
  • Special purpose joint- venture (to sell, to produce and to design)